Why Are You Doing Self Ruqya?

October 16, 2016Saeed AbdullahRuqya


Bismillah wa salatu wa salam ala Nabiyyina Muhammad


Before looking at the intentions for self ruqya treatment, I think it is important to remind ourselves of why self ruqya is important and better than visiting a raqi:

1. Self ruqya is actually a sunnah that needs to be revived. Unfortunately, people run to raqis, whenever they have spiritual issues, rather than doing their own ruqya. The Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam, NEVERvisited raqis. He would do his own ruqya with surahs falaq and nass. Occasionally, others would offer to read on the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam and he would accept it and allow them to do ruqya on him salulahu alayhi wasalam……BUT HE WOULD NEVER ASK FOR RUQYA TO BE DONE ON HIM OR VISIT A RAQI. IN GENERAL, IT IS ONLY WEAK MUSLIMS WHO VISIT A RAQI. I HAVE NEVER SEEN OR MET A RAQI WHO HAS VISITED A ANOTHER RAQI AND THAT’S BECAUSE THE RAQI KNOWS THE SUNNAH AND BEST RUQYA IS SELF RUQYA.

2. Doing your own self ruqya means that you will be included among those people who will enter Jannah without any questioning or reckoning. Please see the link below for the evidence.


3. Self ruqya stops you falling into the shirk of believing the raqi has the cure. Ruqya is basically a dua of help to Allah and we all know that it is better for a Muslim’s iman and his relationship with Allah to call and ask Allah directly without asking others to do the dua for you because it stops you falling into shirk with people.

4. Because of what we mentioned in the previous point 3, we find from anecdotal evidence that self ruqya of a pious Muslim has much stronger effects than if the same Muslim had ruqya from a raqi. Sometimes, it might feel that the raqis ruqya has stronger effects. This usually occurs when the raqi is doing diagnosis (ie asking Allah to show signs or effects of a spiritual illness). This phenomenon or effect also occurs because the patient is concentrating carefully during the raqi’s ruqya session and is not occupied with actually reciting self ruqya himself so the patient has more time and energy to notice their subtle reactions to the raqi’s ruqya as compared to when he reads ruqya on himself.

5. You get more reward from Allah if you do your own self ruqya because you are reading the Quran. If you go to a raqi then he will get the reward for reading the Quran on you.

6. Your Iman will increase when you do self ruqya because it is act of worship.

Sins decrease Iman and strengthen possessing jinn. We know that possessing jinn thrive on sins so if you are a patient who has fallen into sins then the best action for you, after tauba, would be to do self ruqya because it will increase your Iman and at the same time weaken any possessing jinn that had benefited from your previous sins.

7. Self ruqya is totally free ie you don’t pay any money for it. It seems the going rate for ruqya from UK raqis is £50 to £60 per hour. In my opinion, for most Muslims, it would be better to do self ruqya and to spend that money in charity with the intention of seeking the cure because of the hadith:

 “Treat your sick ones with charity.” This was classed as hasan by Shaykh al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’ (3358)

Your family members can also pay this sadaqah on your behalf.

8. Self ruqya makes you independent and stops you relying on people for your cure or diagnosis. You can set the time and place for your self ruqya and you can also decide how long you are going to read the self ruqya for. Sadly, some people’s cure is delayed because they are not getting enough ruqya from their raqi or they can’t get an early appointment for diagnosis so they remain in limbo and are not sure what exactly they are suffering from.

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