We have worked hard and invested our time and finances to bring you a product that we hope will benefit you in the long term, not just in this world but in the hereafter too ameen.

The founder of Ruqya Planner is  an ordinary person just like you. Someone who has been afflicted with Hasad and Sihr. Someone that has got shifa and then got afflicted again. Knowing full well that the only way to attain  Shifa, is if she became committed herself in doing the necessary adkhar, recitations and other forms of healing.  

Those afflicted understand how difficult it can be, how low it can get and how lonely the journey can be at times. The lack of understanding, support and with the amount of Raqis out there looking for prey, It can become an emotional rollercoaster.

It is important to understand your affliction but to also learn to take control of your eeman, your emotional well being, your physical well being and control of your illness. When I began creating the Ruqya planner, I started it with the intention of creating it only for myself and then I realised that perhaps this planner is not actually just for me. I came to the understanding that I could help others afflicted like me. The ruqya planner was compiled with various sources but primarily from a Raqi that is firm on the belief of self ruqya. 

It is important to remember that being afflicted is temporary, that Allah allowed this to happen to you for a reason which he only he knows, Allaah wants to cleanse you, of your sins and he wants to bring you closer to him through dua.

Dua and Quran are your biggest weapons when it comes to attaining Shifa and although medicine and other resources are available, it is the recitation of the Quran and you putting your hands up to make dua; that is going to ultimately give you shifa.

I have remained anonymous for many reasons, but mainly because I feel that perhaps Allaah will accept this not only as my work, my income, my rizq but also my good deeds, my way of attaining Shifa and my entry into Jannah ameen.

May Allah swt protect you, help you and keep your heart firm on the Haq of Islam ameen.

Ruqya Planner

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