Ruqya pack small

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This Ruqya pack includes:

  • 1x Ruqya Planner
  • Ruqya Tea
  • Ruqya Soup Mix
  • White Musk perfume and a block for burning as incense in the house.

Ruqya Tea can be used for drinking as a tea and most afflictions require you to drink this tea. It can also be used together as part of a ruqya bath.

White Musk for those afflicted by  lustful jinn and also used with the incense burner to to keep away lustful jinns.

Ruqya Soup mix can be eaten and can be used in the ruqya bath for Jinn possesion and sihr.

White musk is just like the black musk and is described as one of the best musks to use in the sunnah. It is meant to be rubbed on private areas for women and all over for men. This helps minimise reactions from jinns and for women it keeps lustful jinns away.





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