Ruqya Planner

The first Planner created to help you be committed to your Ruqya Plan. For years, Muslims have been relying on Raqis to supervise their illnesses and to provide support when they are afflicted with ayn (Evil eye) Hasad (Jealousy) and Sihr (Black magic). Although in the Sunnah of our beloved Rasoolullah (saas)  we have been told that the best form of ruqya, is self ruqya. Self Ruqya is when the individual that is afflicted takes it upon himself t get shifa (healing) from Allah SWT. When the Individual recites upon himself, becomes committed to taking the medicine mentioned in the Sunnah, this will then help him weaken his illness or weaken the jinn inside of him.

This Ruqya planner has been created so that you can take control of your own healing. If you are someone that has been afflicted for many years, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain a routine, how difficult it is sticking with it, when you don’t have anything or anyone to guide you.

Many people are being directed to Raqis and then being told they are afflicted. They are then either directed to a website to look for themselves for a plan of action or are just told verbally, what they are supposed to do, now that they know they are afflicted. Most of the time the individual will go home confused, unsure of what they are supposed to be doing next, and how to take or do all the herbs and medicinals that they have been told to take.

It is overwhelming enough to be told they are afflicted, to then have to figure it all out on their own, makes this journey even more difficult. It is overwhelming.

The Ruqya Planner has been created with all the daily adkhar, ruqya surah’s, medicinal herbs and how to use them along with a program section and Hijama appointment section. For those also attending a clinic to see a raqi for ruqya, it has a section for the raqi to fill out a fully comprehensive plan for that individual.  You are taking back control of your situation and relying upon Allah SWT to give you shifa and not a Raqi.

This Planner will be updated every year, we aim to improve it every year according to your feedback, with the hope that every year it becomes better and better. Our aim is to help you, help yourself.

May Allah swt make this journey easy for you ameen.